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Extensions at Moxie Blue Q&A

Extensions at Moxie Blue Q&A

A little over a month ago I documented each step of the extension application process on my Instagram Story During the photos, videos, boomerangs, etc I posed the question, “Ask me any & all of your hair extensions q’s!” And you DID! Below I address each one in hopes of being as helpful as possible.

How much does the application cost?

A consultation is necessary to determine how much hair is necessary. But the application process AND the move up (around week 6 or week 7) are $150 to $300 depending on the amount of hair.

How much does the hair cost?

The absolute lowest price would be $100 (that’s for half a pack of hair) and it could potentially go up to $1,600, but that’d be a tooooon of hair. For my hair one full pack was used (half a pack of one color, and another half a pack for another color).

If I already have hair, can the stylist use it?

No, Moxie Blue only uses the highest quality hair to ensure the best results.

How much hair is needed?

That is determined by the consultation! Again the norm is 1 or 1.5 packs. (Depends if you want length, volume, color, etc.)

How long does the hair last?

The extensions will last 6-8 months as long as they are cared for properly.

Are the extensions taped in? Glued? Weaved?

They are tape, and tape that is the highest medical grade available.

How often am I supposed to shampoo?

It is real hair (like what you are born with), BUT you’ll see it takes longer for the hair to become greasy or “dirty-looking.” Not exactly sure the science behind this, but I went from washing my hair every 2 days to now only washing it every 4!!

After the extensions get moved up all that they can, can the hair be reused?

Yes! You can use the hair up to THREE times!

Can I mention your name for a discount?

YAAAAAS! Use code Q4064 to save ____.

What’s the appropriate amount to tip?

Tip is of course up to each client, but 20% is the norm.


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