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The Best Gelato in THE WORLD is in Philly

The Best Gelato in THE WORLD is in Philly

If you’re from the 215 you’ve already been to Capogiro one, two, three…dozen times in your life. And their gelato is good, don’t get me wrong. But want something even better? Of course you do, or else you wouldn’t be reading this.

Here’s the deal, the best gelato on this planet is located on Chestnut street in center city: Gran Caffe L’Aquila. The name is a mouthful and not exactly English, but that’s because the entire staff, menu, and recipes are straight from Italy.


Desire and Bacio flavors pictured


You’re probably thinking that I’m being a biased chick and only saying they’re the best because their sumptuous cioccolato (chocolate) gelato melts the second it hits my tongue, or because their kinderino flavored gelato is a cannoli in “ice cream” form. Well yes those are both reasons why this place should reign number one, but in actuality one of Gran Caffe L’Aquila’s owner is, Stefano Biasini thee Gelato Champion of Italy. Among him are Michele Morelli (award winning Italian Coffee Roaster) and Local restaurateur Riccardo Longo (award winning regional Italian food and wine director).

If the tastes, smells, and prestigious awards aren’t enough to impress you, just know the entire restaurant was designed and built in Italy and shipped over for installation. Imagine that! The 1st floor is an authentic Italian bar and the second floor features the restaurant, wine bar, cultural and language school, as well as the coffee and gelato labs. This place is authentic from ceiling to floor, and truly beautiful inside. Besides gelato, note they also have a full coffee bar, full liquor bar, lunch, and dinner menus.

Enough about real food though, back to the creamy goodness talk —

Gran Caffe serves their gelato from open until close so no matter when you need your fix, they’re there to provide. Besides cioccolato and kinderino, other favored flavors are bacio, pistachio, tiramisu, desire, and honestly the list goes on and on. All authentic, and definitely all delicious.

So when I say this Italian Café has the best gelato, I mean it. Venture out to 1716 Chestnut Street between 7am and 11pm to indulge in the best dessert known to mankind.

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