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Brand Collaborations

Brand Collaborations

“Molly was a wonderful partner to Kimpton Marlowe Hotel when we teamed up together earlier this summer. Her friendly and bubbly demeanor is clearly exhibited on her page, but all the more evident when you interact with her. She genuinely cared about putting out authentic and professional material. Molly is incredibly engaged and receptive to feedback with her growing brand. She is conscientious when it comes to outlining and delivering on expectations outlined for a partnership. She left an amazing impression on not only myself and our followers, but members of our front desk and housekeeping teams. “

Turner Skenderian - Kimpton Hotels

In the past two to three years branding has seen a BIG change - micro and macro influencers have hit the ground running. Marketing agencies and PR firms are now rethinking what used to be their, "go-to" strategies and opting with implementing influencers who they can trust will get the word out organically and authentically.

I'm a huge believer in "realness." Seriously though, enough with the fake crap! I work with brands who I can 100% stand behind. Below are some of the companies I've been fortunate enough to work with.

If you're an honest, exciting, food or travel related brand looking to partner with a micro-influencer, I'm here to help! Please email me to brainstorm:

Kimpton Hotels

Sweet Green


La Colombe


Core Water

Squeezery ATX





Content Creation

Content Creation