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CCD Restaurant Week 2019 Featuring Fat Salmon

CCD Restaurant Week 2019 Featuring Fat Salmon

Tis the season!! Center City District Restaurant Week is coming in hot this January!

I’ve always been a huge fan of CCDRW and this time around is no different. In fact, there are even new places added to the CCDRW roster! One of them being one of my absolute favorite sushi spots in the city, Fat Salmon!! This place has some of the most delicious and flavorful rolls. My favorites are White Forrest and Dancing Vampire!! But if you’re like my boyfriend’s family and your go-to are traditional rolls, don’t worry, they have those too! Get yourself a salmon avocado roll and thank me later :)

I was so fortunate to be able to parter with Center City District Restaurant Week at Fat Salmon just about a week ago. While there, the waiter and manager catered to my boyfriend (Daniel) and me as if we were royalty — amazing customer service! But the food you ask? 10/10! What did we get? It’s a LIST, so get ready…

  • 2 Miso Soups

  • Fancy Sushi (This roll is SO unique, filling, and comes with your choice of either salmon or tuna. The manager prepared it with salmon because in his words, “we are Fat SALMON after all!”)

  • 1 Order of Yellowtail Sushi

  • 1 Order of Salmon Sushi

  • 1 White Forrest Roll (We always ask for raw salmon in the middle rather than it being tempura style)

  • 1 Dancing Vampire

  • 1 Lost Rainbow (Daniel’s favorite!)

  • 1 (Basic) Salmon Avocado

I can’t emphasize enough how fresh and delicious all of Fat Salmon’s fish is. Daniel and I have been there at least 10 times and each time, we swear, it gets better and better.

Okay, I digress… so how does CCD Restaurant Week work you may be asking? It’s easy! You can use this site to see all of the restaurants that are participating and from there click on the names, preview the prix-fixe menu(s) for either lunch or dinner, and proceed to make reservations (mostly through OpenTable).

Make sure you make good use of the ease of the CCD Restaurant Week site! Not only is each restaurant’s address, number, and website listed, but they have also hyperlinked every single restaurant so you are able to see allll the menu options (see below for an example).

Audrey Claire byob menu

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: don’t wait until the night before you want to dine out to make your reservation. Hundreds and hundreds of Philadelphians (plus tourists + visitors) take advantage of CCD Restaurant Week, so make sure you do too! And in a timely fashion :)

I hope you all loved reading about my experience at Fat Salmon, my overview of CCD’s Restaurant Week starting TODAY (1/13), and now take some time to make some amazing reservations (if you haven’t already done so)!!

Maybe I’ll see you at Sampan, Twenty Manning Grill, or some of the other restaurants I plan to visit next week (after Nashville)!

Cheers!! To strong drinks, great company, and even better food :)


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