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6 Reasons You Must Check Out Phila Flea Market

6 Reasons You Must Check Out Phila Flea Market

For those who may not know, flea markets hold a very special place in my heart. My late dad made his livelihood from all sorts of markets in PA, NY, and beyond. His ginormous set up could be seen from miles away and EVERYONE would say HE made the market special. I guess that’s where I got my life-of-the-party personality :)

Besides markets being sentimental to me, they also are such a fun weekend-day activity! It’s an excuse to get out of the house, be a part of your community (or a neighboring one depending on how far you’ll travel), and find unbelievable deals! Who doesn’t love a good deal???

Below I’ve outlined for you the SIX reasons you gotta check out the Phila Flea Market this season! There are TWO events left — Saturday, Feb 2nd & Saturday, Feb 23rd — so get to it!

  1. Beautiful Art

    If you don’t already own gorgeous art in your home, I’m sure you can image how pricey pieces can be, especially when buying new. What if I told you Phila Flea Market had vendors who sold stunning pieces at 50% off retail prices? YEP. ‘Nuff said.

  2. Trendy, Everlasting Fashion Pieces

    Fur coats, designer scarves, silk robes… all fancy AF, right? All normally hundreds of dollars, right? I guarantee you, you’ll find items just like that in amazing condition for so little you’ll be questioning if you’re dreaming.

  3. Vintage Handbags + Jewelry

    I love jewelry, it’s no secret. I probably have bought jewelry in all forms since I was old enough to pronounce the word. (Seriously, ask my mom, it was an issue.) One of the first things I always do upon arriving to the Flea is seek out the jewelry vendors. I have found gorgeous precious stone rings, long pearl necklaces, and bangles that I still wear to this day! And if vintage is your thing you’ll be sure to find collections from Coach, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, and more designers!

  4. Antiques for the Home

    A unique chandelier? A fun rocking chair for the front porch? A jewelry armoire you’ve always wanted? You’ll find it all, plus more! I’ve seen cool bar carts, end tables, book cases, and soo many items that are so versatile, yet one-of-a-kind all at the Phila Flea Market.

  5. Hidden Gems

    Have you ever really wanted to embrace your own style and vibe? But maybe it’s hard because everyone seems to have the SAME things!! The Phila Flea Market will solve that problem, for SURE! Eclectic pieces for your wardrobe, home, yard, and more are to be found there. I got myself an ornate picture frame that I certainly would not have found at Pier 1 or West Elm.

  6. Interesting People + Interesting Stories

    This may be my favorite part about shopping local, especially at Phila Flea Market. There are not two vendors alike. How amazing is that?! Each person there who drives however many miles to the location, spends an hour or two setting up every product they want to sell, organizes everything to make customers like YOU attracted to their booth, then sits (or stands) at the table(s) greetings visitors, answering questions, and hopefully making a great livelihood for them and their families! If you stick around long enough and ask meaningful questions about their items you’re guaranteed to hear an interesting story or two. I was looking through dozens of records and that vendor told me how he collected so many of them. And another woman had a super cool crystals + succulent + handmade jewelry booth and hearing her design journey was inspiring. Point is — get out there and mingle! You never know the info or life lessons you’ll leave with.

The markets start at 8AM and end promptly at 4PM each time. I personally recommend going around early to late morning. The sun is normally shining bright, the good stuff hasn’t all been sorted through, and it’s just such a fun way to start your day! When I was there on January 12th I arrived at 9:30am and it was the PERFECT time. My friend Elle met me there and we started inside first and then worked our way outside making sure to see alllll the vendors and their unique materials. It may be cold, but seriously guys, IT’S WORTH IT!

Let me know if you’ll be there Feb 2nd or 23rd! Would LOVE to send you some of my top secret shopping tips ;)


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