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Fly, Fly Away

Fly, Fly Away

Iceland is one of the most magical places on earth (at least in my opinion). The sites, smells, feels, and sounds are unforgettable. If you have the chance to go, DO IT! 

Flights to Iceland through Iceland Air are affordable and plentiful through the JFK airport. Typically, one will find the cheapest roundtrip flights (we're talking $200-$300) in any season as long as you book directly through the Iceland Air site. Too good to be true? The only catch is you have to pack lightly! Baggage isn't included in this fare. 

iceland air


For whatever reason, Google Flights, which I normally swear by doesn't have their data up to date! After comparing the same exact dates and airline, google is incorrect by listing the cheapest flight at $534. 

google flights

The flights are really affordable and if you're looking into traveling to Europe, but would also like a quick visit to Iceland, Iceland Air has perfected the layover deal. They named this experience, "the icelandair stopover pass."

Here's a quick summary in case you're confused, "When you fly Icelandair across the Atlantic, you can Stopover in Iceland for up to seven nights at no extra airfare. That gives you the opportunity to explore Iceland, both country and culture, without adding to your ticket price."

Click here to find out more about the pass and see if this is something that would make sense for you. 

No matter how you get there, GET THERE! You won't regret it. 


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